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Tabor Group Inc. has been heavily invested in researching the most cost effective lighting products and lighting systems for agriculture for over 25 years. Our philosopy has always been to align oursleves with unbiased university associates that assist in field testing products and evaluations with an unbiased viewpoint but always analysing cost, payback potential and product life. Tabor Group Inc. feels that ongoing field testing allows our products to remain the absolute best offered to the industry.   The dimming issues are far more complex and costly. We are now heavily invested in researching LED technology and are involved with designing LED systems and individual retrofit products for both poultry and swine. The LED's must be cost effective and this is where the majority of LED's fall short! Our LED's offer industry best R.O.I.'s and longest lamp life. This website is comprised of only LED's that meet this criteria

10 WATT A19 6 Watt A19

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